Aburi Drying Center

Creating Sustainable Value with Solar Powered Drying Centers in Ghana.

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Local Challenges & Needs

green pineapple plant with a pineapple fruit

Pineapple Farmers

  • lack of logistics
  • limited access to the market
  • partial sale of the pineapple production
flat huts and a sales booth behind a small green and yellow car

Rural Population

  • decoupled from the economy of Accra
  • low level of education
  • low salary level

What We Do

Drying Centers with VARSBOX Dryers

How do VARSBOX dryers work?

  • gas separation membranes produce nitrogen gas from the ambient air
  • based on a heat pump
  • reduces oxidation reaction
  • mobile and closed system with photovoltaic system
  • operation independent of weather conditionsm
front and backview of the varsbox dryer with pineapples and dryed pineapples
red container with solar panels on a metall tray

Green Energy on Site

Sun Photovoltaic Container

The mobile VARSBOX Sun Photovoltaic Container supplies the VARSBOX dryer with regenerative energy from solar power for on-site drying that is independent of the power grid.

Powerful solarpanels and a high capacity lithium-ion-battery guarantee a 24/7 drying operation.

Technical Specifications:

  • solarpanels with 12 kilowatt peak power
  • 50 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion-battery for all night operation of the VARSBOX Dryer
  • Solar cells can be extended and retracted mechanically and stowed completely in the container

Creating Value for Everyone

The drying centers for pineapples create value locally under strict guidelines for sustainable development, addressing various of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

1. No Poverty

securing livelihoods
new sales markets for local farmers
KPI: number of customers, sales of suppliers

4. Quality Education

plant engineering & maintenance
food processing
KPI: offer of further training, offer of training

5. Gender Equality

gender equality in all professions
part-time models
no child labor
KPI: number of new jobs, proportion of women

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

use of renewable energy sources
short transportation routes
KPI: emissions, certifications

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

drying technology
KPI: Start-up of comparable plants

12. Responsible Consumption & Production

eduction of post-harvest losses
supply chain optimization (e.g. recycling)
KPI: share of pineapple utilization
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